In not being understood and having to repeat myself constantly, I was still bemoaning the state of my speech that an accident impaired after many years.

Upon contacting Nina, she has given to me the tools necessary, in a short space of time, to not only articulate and use correct diction, but also to vary the tempo, such that people who are use to my speech, on a day to day basis and ones that I rarely come in contact with, constantly note and complement the significant change of my speech.

Nina diagnosed what parts of my speech and breathing were lacking, whilst filling me with the knowledge needed when she identified the applicable muscles needed to correct the issues. I now go around my daily schedule in a working environment of architecture filled with more confidence and positivity, thanks to being comprehended instantly now. I am truly grateful for the vast improvement that is clearly evident both to me and others and would recommend Nina Kristofferson to all that want to correct, hone or amend their speech or indeed most musical fields, to which she is also well versed in thankfully.