Services in Person & Online

Singing Lessons

  • These lessons encourage you to sing and to play with your voice in many different ways but always ensuring that the tone you produce is clear regardless of whatever style you are singing. It is important that you are not trying to make a false sound and that you do not strain or damage your voice. 
  • Regular lessons are encouraged so that we can keep an eye on your progress whilst technical skills are developed, repertoire is increased ensuring that we work in a safe and efficient environment.  We work through your vocal habits, breathing, engaging the soft palate, healthy use of your vocal folds, diction, vocal support to include interpretation and realigning the vocal pedagogy for good vocal practise whilst strengthening and preparing you for work.

Elocution Lessons

  • These lessons are focused on improving your breathing, improving your speech patterns, breath control, a clean onset, tongue exercises, jaw exercises, mouth exercises, a smooth speaking tone, relaxing the body and an improved posture . 
  • These lessons are available to anyone who wishes to improve their speaking voice, reduce their accent and improve social communication.  It’s a must for actors wishing to improve their speaking voice, get into Drama School or for any professional who wants to improve their speaking voice for Presenting, Speeches, Radio, TV, Film, Stage, and Office Meetings be it in the Board Room or on Stage. Projection, Relaxation and being given the tools of communication is key.

Singing Lessons & X Factor Contestants

  • These lessons encourage & improve technique to ensure that you know how to perform a song in front of an audience both emotionally and technically. 
  • You are advised on the do’s and don’ts of an audition situation and how to improve your chances of getting through to the next round no matter what stage of the audition you are at. We will guide you through your first audition to becoming a finalist and a winner.

Harmony Work & Group Sessions

  • These lessons are for anyone who has ever wanted to learn how to hold a harmony line or who has experience in singing harmony or if you just want to have fun singing with others in small harmony groups.
  • These lessons are geared towards group singing and it can help you to build confidence with your voice and improve communication skills whilst promoting team work.

Life Coaching

  • These lessons shows you how by learning to sing or speak clearly by having fun through learning you can make life changing decisions as you begin to relax and learn how to refocus your voice, your mind and your body. Holistic in approach so you become more connected and in tune with yourself.
  • These lessons are especially beneficial to anyone who feels stuck, anyone who needs or wants to take up another hobby or for anyone who just simply wants to learn how to reconnect with their inner child. You will be full of energy at the end of every session and ready for work so contact me today.

Intensive Drop-In Vocal Coaching for Professionals

  • These singing lessons are focused on building your core singing muscles, breath control, clean onset, increase vocal flexibility, stamina, improve your tone, increase your repertoire, fix vocal problems and encourage a healthy voice as well as an improved posture. These lessons are suited to all levels of professionals from beginners to advanced, in all styles of music from Rock, Pop, Classical, Jazz, R&B, Folk, Soul and Opera.  
  • I would encourage you to use these sessions to quickly brush-up on your technique or if you want to just get in touch because you have an audition that you want to prepare for.
  • Professional Singers need to keep their voices in the best condition at all times.  However, bad habits can place a strain on the voice, and as a singer you often  don’t know how to put it right thereby creating more vocal stress.  With clear guidance and support your voice can be restored and improved to give you the confidence you need when performing with an improved timbre and vocal support through breathing technique, vocal exercises, vocal health, developing range, stamina and tonal quality.
  • If you need to book our services for half a day, a day or longer for support on your projects, the please let us know when you message us as this can be easily arranged.

Workshop Leader & Conference Performance

  • These lessons are focused and will help you to improve your breathing whilst improving your speech patterns, breath control, a clean onset, tongue exercises, jaw exercises, mouth exercises, vocal stamina so that you don’t lose your voice, a smooth speaking tone, enhanced communication skills, relaxing the body and an improved posture, dealing with stress & anxiety and staying in control vocally so that you stay open and friendly without effort.
  • These lessons will help you to put across your words clearly and in a relaxed style. They are available to anyone be it a CEO, Team Leader or a member of staff who wishes to improve their speaking voice for an Office Meetings be it in the Board Room or on a larger Stage. 
  • You can also book us to give workshops for Voice, Singing, Public Speaking and Gaming

Arts & Performance Counselling

  • These lessons focus on your artistic problems and can range from having stage fright to needing career guidance. We will discuss your specific needs and show you how to resolve your worries and move towards your goal.
  • If you are experiencing serious Vocal stress on your voice we can identify if there is a need to see an ENT specialist and if so go with you to the clinic to discuss a programme of recovery.
  • Identify if your larynx is fixed and held and to offer up exercises if needed.
  • To provide careful guidance in the recovery of any surgery on the vocal folds and moral support.  See the Testimonial from Shaltiel Katch following the recovery of his full speaking voice after his Tracheotomy. See here

Specialised Vocal Development Training Programme for Adults and Children 4+ on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • These lessons are focused on your specific needs in either Singing, Acting, School, College, University, in the play ground or in the Office. We will work out a detailed programme for you to develop your voice in whatever area you wish. Helping you to develop your communication and interaction skills with others, your voice, articulation, enunciation, social and environment development.  
  • We will set out goals and a time frame for which you need to reach them. We will monitor you on a regular basis so that you maximise your potential in a short period of time. This is an intensive course which is both fun and ground breaking for the individual involved through the use and exploration of their voice. 

Stress & Anxiety

  • These lessons are for anyone who suffers with stress & anxiety either at home or in the work place. You will be shown simple vocal and physical exercises which will help you to relax and release your stress in a safe environment. 
  • You will feel an improvement in your posture and you will begin to relax and learn ways how to control you stress levels through breathing exercises.